Selected companies in current portfolio

Company Year of Initial Investment
bitdefender Bitdefender is the most successful Romanian IT company and a global IT security leader for over a decade, with tens of granted and pending patents and repeated top ratings from independent testing and research organizations. The company provides end-to-end cyber security solutions, from pre-emptive threat intelligence to remediation, addressing end-users spanning enterprises, service providers, small businesses and consumers. The company’s resilient cyber defense and remediation platform serves more than 500 million users across virtual, mobile, hosted and desktop environments. 2009 (BAF)
nextebank The acquisition of Nextebank by EEAF is a first in the last 10 years in Romania; the consent of the National Bank of Romania for the entry of financial investors in the banking system is a positive signal for the banking market.
Nextebank is one of the small players in the Romanian banking system but it has relevant resources: high liquidity and solvency, as well as a diversified banking platform and an experienced and dedicated staff, which constitute a solid basis for the growth strategy.
2014 (EEAF)
patria-credit Patria Credit IFN is a non-bank financial institution, currently the leading micro-lending organization in Romania. 2007 (RAEF&BAF)
star-storage Star Storage is one of the leading Romanian IT companies providing solutions and services (including BPO) to manage the entire life cycle of information generated in enterprises, SMB and public sector. The company is active in several lines of business related to content management, with a strong focus on own software products delivered on premise or on-demand (SaaS). The SaaS business model is backed by its Data Center business unit and channeled through international MSSPs and Cloud Service Brokers/Integrators. 2014 (EEAF)
se-ges SE-GES is a leading Romanian energy efficiency company that built its business by creating a network of high efficiency, decentralized, small size cogeneration plants (0.5 to 2 MW installed power) for industrial clients. The Company is active in natural gas co-generation (CHP) but has also developed particular expertise on flare gas projects. SE-GES provides a complex range of services starting with technical assistance, financing, contracting, building, operating and maintaining such cogeneration plants. These services are packed in a contractual framework reflecting an F-BOOT (Finance-Build Own Operate Transfer) scheme or rental (including maintenance and servicing) agreements. 2010 (BAF)
industrial-access Industrial Access is a leading Romanian provider of industrial rental equipment. Specialized in self powered access and telescopic material handlers, the company has excellent growth prospects sustained by an undeveloped market and high demand for equipment rental. A regional expansion process started in 2008 with the Bulgarian operations and subsequently the company opened subsidiaries in Moldova and Serbia. 2007 (BAF)
frontex Frontex International is a market leader in Bulgaria in the sector of management of overdue receivables. The Company was established in 2009 as part of AG Capital – the largest local group of companies providing real-estate marketing, management and maintenance services. Following the acquisition of a majority stake, EEAF initiated a complete overhaul of collection practices and Company philosophy towards an empathy-based approach incorporating best industry practices and, at the same time, provided significant growth capital for the purchase of non-performing portfolios. This was further complemented by a sizeable credit investment by EBRD, who recognized Frontex as a key partner in their strategic goals of promoting growth in the local financial sector and the broader economy. 2013 (EEAF)